Customising BackTrack Live CD the Easy Way

I’ve automated the customising process of the livecd to a convenient script which can be run on the BT4 Pre final (and future) release. This script sets up a build environment for you and drops you off in a modifiable chroot. You update, upgrade, add, remove packages, and then exit the shell. The script goes on to build a modified iso for you, including the updates and additions you introduced.


The script is very basic, with many elements hard coded (for example, the iso name expected is bt4.iso), but is easily modifiable.  In this video demonstration we install the broadcom wireless drivers, to support the Broadcom Corporation BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01) card in Macbooks. In addition, we update our backtrack tools to the most recent versions.

The script is available here:

  1. Robin Vossen07-07-2011

    Here is my attempt to submit my two cents.
    I have edited this script just a tad to include a check for root-user and made it BT5 compatible.
    Still want to add a check to see if all the required tools are installed, but didn’t have the time for that yet.
    Here is the edit:


  2. Paul Andrew07-18-2011 provides a script for rebuilding bt5 and is confirmed working.
    (remaster script)


  3. B G07-18-2011

    Thanx for the script. Remembered seeing it for BT4 and was gonna see if I could modify for BT5. Grateful to see you have saved me the trouble because I have very limited experience with chroots. I’ll let you know how it turns out.