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  • Kali Trademarks

    Kali Linux Trademarks

    It’s been a year since we’ve released Kali Linux, and we’re happy to see it succeed. Kali has surpassed BackTrack Linux in many ways and the community is responding accordingly. Between the improved development cycle, more attentive support, and larger community, Kali Linux has reached new heights of popularity. This popularity however, does not come without its own issues. One of the big problems we’ve been facing in the past year is rampant violations of our Kali Linux Trademarks.

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  • Kali Custom Raspberry Pi 1

    Generating Kali Raspberry Pi Images

    Kali Linux Raspberry Pi Image Updated!” That was supposed to be the “tweet” we would release, telling everyone our new Kali Linux Raspberry Pi image was supposedly better than our old one. We often update our followers with news like this on twitter, and this tweet would be no different. However, this time, we thought it would be interesting to tell you about the mechanics of updates like these, and shed some light on how these “news items” come about. This post will also give us the opportunity to describe the process of running our custom Kali Linux ARM build scripts, by way of a story. If you couldn’t care less about this story, and just want the updated image – head straight to our Kali Linux Custom Image page!

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  • Kali Iso Of Doom2

    Kali Linux ISO of Doom

    In our last blog post, we provided an example of running an unattended network installation of Kali Linux. Our scenario covered the installation of a custom Kali configuration which contained select tools required for a remote vulnerability assessment using OpenVAS and the Metasploit Framework.

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  • Kali Linux Pxe Network Install

    Kali Linux Unattended PXE Install

    Our last blog post on the Kali Linux site discussed implementing some cool scenarios with Kali Linux, such as remote unattended installations, creating custom Kali Linux ISOS, and getting Kali working on funky ARM hardware. We recieved several emails from people asking for more information on how to implement these scenarios, so we thought we’de make a few blog posts with more detailed examples.

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  • Kai Linux Galaxy Note 10.1

    Kali Linux on a Galaxy Note 10.1

    Here at Offsec, we love playing with hardware. Be it something like the Onity Hotel Door Unlocker, a Teensy USB HID attack payload, or RFID hacks – if it’s shiny, we like it. While we were in the last stages of developing Kali Linux, we made the effort to to get Kali working on some ARM hardware, such as the Samsung Chromebook, Odroid U2, Raspberry Pi and RK3306 devices such as the SS808, and then contributed these to the community as “Unofficial Trusted Images”, together with the Official Kali Linux downloads.

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  • Kali New Dawn Blog

    Kali Linux Has Been Released!

    Seven years of developing BackTrack Linux has taught us a significant amount about what we, and the security community, think a penetration testing distribution should look like. We’ve taken all of this knowledge and experience and implemented it in our “next generation” penetration testing distribution.

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