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  • Pentesting Real World

    Penetration Testing in the Real World

    Penetration Testing in the real world. If you are tired of “Hacking with Netcat” webcasts or “Penetration Testing with RPC DCOM”, then this movie is for you. It’s a quick reconstruction of a Security Audit we preformed over a year ago, replicated in our labs. …

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  • Customising BackTrack Live CD the Easy Way

    I’ve automated the customising process of the livecd to a convenient script which can be run on the BT4 Pre final (and future) release. This script sets up a build environment for you and drops you off in a modifiable chroot. You update, upgrade, add, …

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  • Installing VMware Server 2.0.1 on BackTrack 4

    Having an updated, shiny kernel has a few downsides…kernel dependent software seldom keep up with the newest Linux Kernel releases. Perhaps the most notorious for this is VMware. Getting VMware installed on a kernel can be challenging. We made a short movie on how …

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  • BackTrack 4 Dual boot Install

    Another short video showing a dual boot installation on an existing Vista machine. The most  important part to remember is that you have to preform a clean shutdown of your Windows machine before attempting the BackTrack install.

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  • BackTrack 4 Persistent USB Install Video

    One of the great enigmas in BackTrack 3 was setting up a persistent USB key Install.  Now that the BT4 pre-release is knocking at the door, and BT4 internals have changed so much, we thought we’d make a quick video tutorial. A minimum 2GB USB …

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  • BackTrack Video Section Opened

    With a day or so till the Informer BT4 Pre Release, we’re opening up a new Video section, to help people get acquainted with Backtrack better. Our first video – “Up and running with BackTrack” – describes a BackTrack hard Disk Installation, fixing splash and …

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