Exploit Payloads

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Select an encoder:

  • Must not touch certain registers
  • Must be under the max size
  • Must avoid BadChars
  • Encoders are ranked

Select a nop generator:

  • Tries the most random one first
  • Nops are also ranked

Encoding Example

  • The defined Payload Space is 900 bytes
  • The Payload is 300 bytes long
  • The Encoder stub adds another 40 bytes to the payload
  • The Nops will then fill in the remaining 560 bytes bringing the final payload.encoded size to 900 bytes
  • The nop padding can be avoided by adding 'DisableNops' => true to the exploit

Payload Block Options

As is the case for most things in the Framework, payloads can be tweaked by exploits.

  • 'StackAdjustment' prefixes "sub esp" code
  • 'MinNops', 'MaxNops', 'DisableNops'
  • 'Prefix' places data before the payload
  • 'PrefixEncoder' places it before the stub

These options can also go into the Targets block, allowing for different BadChars for targets and allows Targets to hit different architectures and OS.

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