Modules And Locations

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Metasploit, as presented to the user, is composed of modules.


  • Defined as modules that use payloads
  • An exploit without a payload is an Auxiliary module

Payloads, Encoders, Nops

  • Payloads consist of code that runs remotely
  • Encoders ensure that payloads make it to their destination
  • Nops keep the payload sizes consistent.

Modules Locations

Primary Module Tree

  • Located under /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/

User-Specified Module Tree

  • Located under ~/.msf4/modules/
  • This location is ideal for private module sets

Loading Additional Trees at Runtime

  • Pass the -m option when running msfconsole (msfconsole -m)
  • Use the loadpath command within msfconsole

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