Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2010’

  • Winamp Blog Exploit

    Winamp 5.58 Exploit Development

    The guys at the Exploit Database posted an awesome writeup on a Winamp 5.58 Exploit Development storming session – with some really cool results. In the end, they ended up writing a short assembly sequence to walk through the payload and replace bad characters with original shellcode bytes. Read more – Winamp 5.58 from Dos to Code Execution

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  • Adobe Shockwave player rcsL chunk memory corruption 0day

    It’s not often we wake up and find a massive 0day submitted to the Exploit Database – but today was different. Abysssec security released an Adobe Shockwave player 0day. We verified the exploit as part as our verification process in the Exploit database and made a short movie to demonstrate the the vulnerability.

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  • Msf Updated Offsec

    Metasploit Unleashed, Again!

    As promised, our free Metasploit Unleashed Training course is now being regularly maintained and has seen many new additions in the past month. As new features are being added to the Metasploit Framework, we are attempting to add them to the Wiki in order to keep our content fresh and up-to-date to ensure we are providing a valuable resource to our readers. One of the more significant and ambitious changes is the addition of a Module Reference section where we will be adding coverage for as many modules as we can, allowing readers to get a better idea of what results they can expect from a given module.

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