Monthly Archive for: ‘October, 2012’

  • Ca Int3

    CA ARCserve – CVE-2012-2971

    On a recent penetration test, we encountered an installation of CA ARCserve Backup on one of the target systems that piqued our interest. Like most “good” enterprise applications, ARCserve has processes that are running as SYSTEM so naturally, we went straight to work looking for vulnerabilities.

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  • Awe Vienna March 20131

    AWE is Going to Vienna, Austria

    Join us for a mind-blowing experience in a city known for its dynamic history and contemporary design, Vienna, Austria. For the first time in Europe we are holding our most intense live training course, Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE). Be prepared to be challenged beyond your limits!

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  • 001 Parts1

    Onity Door Unlocker, Round Two.

    On one of our engagements, we figured an Onity Hotel door unlocker would be useful to us. Inspired by the James bond type setup we saw on the Spiderlabs blog post, we thought we’de try to build a small, simple and “TSA friendly” version of the Onity key unlocker. Pro Tip: Connecting a 9v battery with the wrong polarity to an Arduino Mini Pro will make pretty sparks.

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