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Alphanumeric Shellcode

Generating Alphanumeric Shellcode with Metasploit There are cases where you need to obtain a pure alphanumeric shellcode because of character filtering in the exploited application. The Metasploit Framework can generate alphanumeric shellcode easily through Msfvenom. For example, to generate a mixed alphanumeric uppercase and lowercase encoded shellcode, we can use the…

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Karmetasploit Configuration

There is a bit of setup required to get Karmetasploit up and going. The first step is to obtain the run control file for Karmetasploit: root@kali:~# wget –2015-04-03 16:17:27– Resolving (… Connecting to (||:443… connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK Length: 1089 (1.1K)…

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Offensive Security Wireless Professional

What is an OSWP? The Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP) is the only practical wireless attacks certification in the security field today. The OSWP challenges the students to prove they have the practical ability to perform 802.11 wireless audits using open source tools through a hands-on, four-hour certification exam. The...
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Offensive Security Wireless Attacks Updated

At long last, our highly rated Wireless Attacks Course (Wi-Fu) has been updated to version 3! This is a major revision of the course with a complete restructure and redesign of the course content with a far broader range of attack techniques.

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BackTrack 4 Pre Final – Feel the pwnsauce!

Two weeks later.. 130232 downloads of BackTrack 4 Pre-Final since the release. This number does not include torrents, direct dls or black market underground copies. That translates to 182325 GB of traffic served from our mirrors in the past two weeks. Our repository serves 120 GB of traffic a day…

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Backtrack 4 Powered with CUDA

Some really exciting stuff going on in the world of CUDA on backtrack 4. We have updated to cuda 2.2 and will be offering the complete developers environment. This will include every thing you need to write some of your own tools with CUDA if the need arises. If you…

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