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  • Awe Vienna March 20131

    AWE is Going to Vienna, Austria

    Join us for a mind-blowing experience in a city known for its dynamic history and contemporary design, Vienna, Austria. For the first time in Europe we are holding our most intense live training course, Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE). Be prepared to be challenged beyond your limits!

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  • Offsc Mw3 Blog Slide1

    MW3 Staff vs Students 0x1

    Want a chance to get even ? For years we have been running classes that take great joy in torturing our students. We ask a lot of you, and the classes and certifications prove it. However there is no way around it: Some times we can drive you nuts. Here’s your chance to get even, MW3-style.

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  • Pwb Part 5

    PWB in the Caribbean, Part 5

    In this final post of our PWB in the Caribbean series, Johnny picks up from where he left off in Part 4, reflecting on his experiences during the week and the impact it has had on him personally. Without further delay, we’ll let Johnny wrap up the series.

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  • Pwb Part 4

    PWB in the Caribbean, Part 4

    When we last left off in Part 3 of our series of posts on Johnny’s experience at our recent PWB in the Caribbean course, he was experiencing the highs and lows of exploit development, emerging triumphantly in the end. Part 4 picks up where we left off last time so we’ll let Johnny take it from here.

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  • Pwb Part 3

    PWB in the Caribbean, Part 3

    In Part 2 of our series of posts on the recent PWB in the Caribbean course, Johnny was desperately seeking an exit from the upcoming pain that is exploit development. However, he didn’t come up with an escape plan quickly enough and his tale continues in this latest diary entry.

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  • Pwb Part 2

    PWB in the Caribbean, Part 2

    In our ongoing series covering our most recent live PWB in the Caribbean course, Johnny picks up from Part 1 and provides an inside and personal look at the course at it picks up speed and increases in difficulty.

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  • Wifuv3wall

    Offensive Security Wireless Attacks Updated

    At long last, our highly rated Wireless Attacks Course (Wi-Fu) has been updated to version 3! This is a major revision of the course with a complete restructure and redesign of the course content with a far broader range of attack techniques.

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  • Ms11080 Shell

    MS11-080 Exploit – A Voyage into Ring Zero

    Every patch Tuesday, we, like many in the security industry, love to analyze the released patches and see if any of them can lead to the development of a working exploit. Recently, the MS11-080 advisory caught our attention as it afforded us the opportunity to play in the kernel and try to get a working privilege escalation exploit out of it.

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  • 2011 Training Blog

    Advanced Windows Exploitation Updated

    Our Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE) live course in Columbia, Maryland is fast approaching with a start-date of October 24. Not only is the first time we have offered this training outside of BlackHat, it is also the first time we are able to offer a full 5 days of training and a limited number of seats are still available for this intense course.

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  • Msf Updated Offsec

    MSFU Updates – June 2011

    Over this past month, we have put a great deal of time into bringing our free online course, Metasploit Unleashed in line with BackTrack 5. The majority of these changes are cosmetic in nature but they should help to reduce confusion for newcomers to Metasploit and BackTrack while ensuring a consistent look throughout.

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