PowerShell Obfuscation

In this article, community moderator Tristram (gh0x0st) shares with us an approach to scripting payload obfuscation via PowerShell in order to avoid AV and AMSI detection.

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What’s New at OffSec – May 2021

Discord Server Updates
Server Statistics

It’s been nearly a month since we’ve migrated the community from our Rocket.chat self-hosted platform to Discord

Before Rocket.chat closed, we had roughly 8200 users with 200 concurrent online users at any point in time. Since we’ve migrated to Discord, we have already surpassed those numbers in just a month. As of the end of May , there are 10,597 registered users, with an average of 2800 online concurrent users.

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eXtended Flow Guard Under The Microscope

Microsoft seems to be continuously expanding and evolving its set of security mitigations designed and implemented for Windows 10. In this blog post, we’ll examine an upcoming security feature called eXtended Flow Guard (XFG).

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Intel CET In Action

In this article, we’ll examine how effective CET is at mitigating real-world exploits that make use of ROP or stack based buffer overflow vulnerabilities.

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OffSec 2020 Recap

Take a look back at 2020’s course launches and updates, and learn what to expect in 2021 with this year-end recap from Offensive Security.

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