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  • Exploit Database

    What’s New with Exploit-Database?

    Over the past 8 years we have been maintaining and updating the Exploit Database on a daily basis, which now boasts over 35,000 exploits. While we constantly work on improving our backend and entry quality, over the past 8 years, there haven’t been any updates to the front end, which has traditionally stayed ominously dark and foreboding. As you may have already seen, this changed about two weeks ago, with the introduction of the new and improved Exploit-Database website. This blog post will highlight a few of the new features, and where the project is heading.

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  • Kali Over Http

    Booting Kali Linux Live over HTTP

    Here at Offensive Security, we tend to use Kali Linux in unconventional ways – often making use of some really amazing features that Kali Linux has to offer. One of these interesting use-cases includes booting instances of Kali Linux Live over HTTP, directly to RAM. We realized there’s little documentation around this feature and thought we’d shed some light on it so others may enjoy this feature as well.

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  • Kali Nethunter 1 2 Released

    NetHunter 1.2 – Lollipop & Nexus 6/9

    Kali NetHunter 1.2 is fresh out, with a whole bunch of improvements, bug fixes….and yes, Android Lollipop support. This means that NetHunter now supports the Nexus6 and Nexus 9 devices too! This is awesome news to all those who have bought these new Nexus devices and have yearned to install the Kali NetHunter on them. What else is new with NetHunter? We’re excited to tell you all about it:

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  • Raspbery Pi Luks

    Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi (A/B+/2) with LUKS Disk Encryption

    With the advent of smaller, faster ARM hardware such as the new Raspberry Pi 2 (which now has a Kali image built for it), we’ve been seeing more and more use of these small devices as “throw-away hackboxes“. While this might be a new and novel technology, there’s one major drawback to this concept – and that is the confidentiality of the data stored on the device itself. Most of the setups we’ve seen do little to protect the sensitive information saved on the SD cards of these little computers. This fact, together with a nudge from friends is what prompted us to create a LUKS encrypted, NUKE capable Kali Linux image for our Raspberry Pi devices. The following blog post describes the process, so you can repeat it and make your own shiny shiny.

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  • Offsec Certifications

    Offensive Security Infosec Certifications in the Job Market

    A couple of weeks ago we published our comic Try Harder song, praising the OSCP certification and our students in general. It was really well received by our alumni, who related closely to the the theme of “Try Harder”. However, there is a more serious undertone to this than meets the eye.

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  • Multiple Persistent Usb Stores

    Kali USB – Multiple Persistent Stores

    One of the markings of the 1.0.7 Kali release was the introduction of Kali Live USB LUKS encrypted persistent storage, on which we further elaborated in one of our previous blog posts. However, we’re not done yet with USB persistent storage as more features in Kali remain to be explored. The feature we will discuss today boasts the ability to have multiple persistent USB storages which you can choose from at boot time. These multiple persistent storages can be either encrypted, or unencrypted, and can be chosen at boot time using the persistence-label boot parameter.

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  • Offsec Say

    Offsec Say – Try Harder!

    Offsec students go through hell. They endure levels of stress and frustration beyond what is considered normal, and we at Offsec appreciate this. So much in fact, that we’ve dedicated the following song to anyone who’s taken an Offsec course, and tried harder!

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  • Nethunter Dangerous A

    NetHunter 1.1 Released

    With the opening shots of 2015 fired, we are happy to make some announcements in the NetHunter arena! One of the things that excite us the most about Kali Linux is how our Kali projects always end up being greater than the sum of their parts. This is most evident in our Kali NetHunter Project – the first open source Android based penetration testing platform for Nexus and OnePlus devices. Wait, OnePlus phones? Yes! Our new NetHunter v1.1 release brings with it some great news – and so we begin.

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  • Offsec Happy Holidays 2014

    Happy Holidays from Offsec

    We at Offensive Security would like to thank all of our students, customers, and friends for a wonderful 2014. Its been a busy but productive year, with major upgrades to Kali Linux, the release of Kali NetHunter, the public launch of the hosted virtual labs, the first ever Kali Linux Dojo, upgrades to our student labs, lots of interesting R&D, a bunch of 0-days and a number of other accomplishments. We enjoyed the journey with all of you and here is to a fun and productive 2015! We wanted to thank you with this video we produced for all y’all.

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  • Offsec Playground Blog Post

    Professional Penetration Testing Labs

    For the past few months, we have been quietly beta testing and perfecting our new “Offensive Security Penetration Testing Labs”, or as we fondly call it, the “Offsec Playground”. Today, we are proud to unveil our hosted penetration testing labs – a safe virtual network environment designed to be attacked and penetrated as a means of learning and sharpening your penetration testing skills. The new design of the “Offsec Playground” includes multiple interconnected subnets with a wide array of modern operating systems, including Active Directory domains, Citrix systems, corporate Antivirus solutions as well as Intrusion Prevention Systems which attackers must learn to cope with.

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