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Kernel whoops in BackTrack 4

The latest Linux Kernel ‘sock_sendpage()’ NULL Pointer Dereference Vulnerability did not spare BackTrack 4 either.  We’ve taken this opportunity to upgrade the BackTrack 4 kernel and include the required security patch. The patched kernel source and image can be downloaded here : BackTrack 4 Kernel Image ( BackTrack 4 Kernel…

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Metasploit Unleashed – Mastering the Framework

The Offensive Security Team along with several active community members, have been working diligently to bring you an in depth course on the Metasploit Framework – “Mastering the Framework” . This course will take you on a journey through the  Metasploit Framework in full detail, and will include the latest…

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Social Engineering Contest – Defcon 2009

Social Engineer your way to a free course! DC718 and Telephreak are bringing Social Engineering back to Defcon. Offensive Security has linked together with DC718, Telephreak, the contest/event Goons Pyr0 and Russr and to have the best of the best to judge and help mold this contest into the…

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BackTrack 4 Pre Final – Feel the pwnsauce!

Two weeks later.. 130232 downloads of BackTrack 4 Pre-Final since the release. This number does not include torrents, direct dls or black market underground copies. That translates to 182325 GB of traffic served from our mirrors in the past two weeks. Our repository serves 120 GB of traffic a day…

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Holy Crack!

A wonderful BackTrack CUDA guide – showing some of the amazing CUDA tools included in BackTrack 4. MD4/MD5/NTLM hashes getting cracked at speeds of over 200M/s (million…two hundred of em…) Check out the BackTrack 4 CUDA Guide by pure_hate

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Installing VMWare Workstation 6.5.2 On BackTrack 4

As usual, brand new kernel woes with VMware. Here’s a quick way to patch up VMware 6.5.2 to get the modules to compile.  Start by downloading and installing VMWare Workstation 6.5.2.

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Keeping BackTrack up to Date

Our BackTrack repositories keep getting updated with new tools, drivers etc. For example, we just added legacy madwifi-ng and r8187 injection capable drivers to the repository. You can follow these simple steps to add them to your iso, and keep it updated in general.

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Installing BackTrack 4 as a VMware Guest

As we havn’t released a VMware image yet, and vmware-tools does not play nice with our kernel, i thought i’de post a short how-to on getting VMware tools installed in BT4 as a VMware guest. I used VMware Workstation 6.5.2 to test this. The BackTrack kernel sources are already…

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BackTrack 4 Pre Final – Public Release and Download

The Remote Exploit Team is ecstatic to announce the public release of BackTrack 4 Pre Final (codename “pwnsauce“). A VMWare Image of BT4 will be released in a few days.  We have major changes in BackTrack, and have tried to document and summarize them as best as possible. See the…

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BackTrack 4 and Directory Encryption

eCryptfs is a kernel-native cryptographic filesystem. It’s also a stacked filesystem, which means that eCryptfs must work on top of another filesystem such as Ext3. The result of this is that you don’t need to allocate space for eCryptfs, it will grow and shrink as you add files to it….

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ITunes Reloaded – Getting the Shell

There goes our Information Security This is part 2 of our previous post about the Itunes exploit for windows. …little did we know that all the payloads being sent have to be pure AlphaNumeric (printable ASCII). The first thing to do is find a Alphanum friendly return address, which was…

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ITunes Exploitation Case Study

When masochism just isn’t enough Our new AWE course is about to go live for the first time, in BlackHat Vegas. We chose the most interesting exploitation cases we’ve encountered, and dove really deep into them. We had many exploits to choose from, some were too easy, and believe it…

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CUDA and ATI Stream in BackTrack 4

We’ve just pushed CUDA and ATI Stream packages to the repo, including many updates and upgrades. Although the nvidia and ATI drivers are not included by default on the livecd, they can be apt-getted, and are working out of the box. Big thanks once again to pure_hate and KMDave for…

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The Fingerprinting power in BackTrack4

If you prefer running your BackTrack4 system in “secure mode” and not always have to type your password … fingerprinting can help you! In the new BackTrack repository, the packages required to get this running are all in place:

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Backtrack 4 Powered with CUDA

Some really exciting stuff going on in the world of CUDA on backtrack 4. We have updated to cuda 2.2 and will be offering the complete developers environment. This will include every thing you need to write some of your own tools with CUDA if the need arises. If you…

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