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  • BT R1 Blog Offsec

    BackTrack 4 R1 BlackHat Edition

    The time is again upon us for the years biggest security conference event – Black Hat Vegas, USA. The folks at Black Hat have prepared a stellar week of great trainings and cutting edge briefings.

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  • OSX ROP Exploit Article, EDB updates

    A great start for our EDB DEV group. Last week we dug into some published HP vulnerabilities, and came out with 3 exploits which were published this week. Our highlight this week is an awesome writeup about a OSX ROP Exploit case study by didn0t. Check it out!

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  • Bt 2634 Update

    How to Update to BackTrack 2.6.34

    Several people have been asking for instructions on updating hard drive installs of BackTrack – here’s a quick set of commands to upgrade your BackTrack machine – and prepare the kernel sources – for example VMWare tools or VirtualBox tools kernel module compilations.

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  • Bt 2634 Update

    BackTrack ISO Kernel 2.6.34 Upgrade

    Last night we moved a new kernel package (2.6.34) out of the testing repositories, and into the official ones. This kernel update marks a huge improvement in hardware support and desktop responsiveness. In addition to the kernel, we have added several external wireless drivers – madwifi-ng (ath_pci), broadcom-sta (wl, no injection), r8187 drivers and rt73 k2wrlz drivers.

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  • Offsec Bt Exdb Explode

    BackTrack 5 and Exploit-DB Updates

    Exciting times here at Offensive Security. Two of our most major projects are off to new and amazing directions – BackTrack and the Exploit Database. The BackTrack development team is now officially funded by Offensive Security, bringing a new era of a high quality penetration testing distribution. In addition, the EDB has started a new R&D initiative which will result in some interesting blog posts.

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  • Hsiyf2 Challenge Day

    How to Hack your Way to BlackHat Vegas

    This past weekend Offensive Security ran its second cyber hacking challenge, “How Strong is Your Fu – Hacking for Charity“. We first separated the contestants into groups of 10 and each had 48 hours to hack into our 5 evil machines that were conjured up by the VM gremlins of the Offensive Security Team.

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  • Bt R1

    Penetration Testing Tools

    We are coming close to a public release of BackTrack R1 – the world’s leading penetration testing distribution. We wanted to provide an opportunity for our users to make last suggestions for tools which are currently NOT present , but should be included. Please use the following form to submit your suggestions to our development team.

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  • Osx Exploit Paul

    Evocam Remote Buffer Overflow on OSX

    This guide comes from my own journey from finding a buffer overflow in an OS X application to producing a working exploit. I have reasonably good exploit development skills having completed the Penetration Testing with BackTrack and Cracking the Perimeter training courses, and working on several buffer overflow exploits. The majority of my exploit development skills are based around Windows vulnerabilities and using the OllyDBG debugger.

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  • Se Contest Offsec Size

    How Strong Is Your Schmooze ?

    Are you looking for a real Social Engineering CTF challenge? Join Social-Engineer.Org and Offensive Security in the Official Social Engineering CTF hosted at Defcon 18.

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  • Hsiyf2 Offsec

    Hacking Challenge #2 – HSIYF for Charity

    Offsec has teamed up with the crew at Hackers For Charity and the world’s premier Hacker Con – BlackHat, to provide another amazing cyber hacking challenge.

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