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Offensive Security penetration testing articles about our online training courses, Kali Linux development, exploit research and security services.

Customizing the BackTrack 4 PreFinal ISO

One of the downsides of leaving the linux live scripts and moving to non lzma enabled squashfs, is that we loose the wonderful and convenient setup for modifying the BackTrack LiveCD on our own. We use to be able to pop in a LZM file into the “optional” directory, and…

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Backtrack 4 Forensics Capabilities

When you first boot up the new Backtrack 4, you might have noticed something slightly different. So what is this “Start BackTrack Forensics” all about?

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BackTrack 4 Pre Final Sneak Peek

BackTrack 4 Pre Final available to Informer IHS subscribers BackTrack 4 development is coming along nicely. We will be releasing a BackTrack “pre-release sneak peek” version to Informer subscribers this week. If you don’t know what Informer is, you’re missing out.

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Cracking the Perimeter – Online!

Long overdue, our live course “Cracking the Perimeter” (CTP) is finally going online. Our ETA for the live course is the 3rd of June, 2009. We have an outstanding waiting list for CTP online, so it might take a while for registration to open to the public. This course is especially…

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BackTrack 4 Pre Final

BackTrack Base There have been many changes introduced into BackTrack 4 – most notably, our move to an Ubuntu Intrepid base. We now maintain our own full repositories with modified Ubuntu packages in addition to our own penetration testing tools. Another significant change is the updated kernel version, currently at…

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