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Pentesting With BackTrack v.3.0

BackTrack 4 Downloads are still going strong with over 30,000 registered downloads up to now. We are currently working on updating our new course materials based on BackTrack 4. We expect the new version to be available soon. As always, alumni students will be

BackTrack 4 Final Release

Taken  from the new BackTrack Site : BackTrack 4 Final is out and along with this release come some exciting news, updates, and developments. BackTrack 4 has been a long and steady road, with the release of abeta last year, we decided to hold off on releasing

Exploit-DB Updates

Lots of new updates in the exploit-db arena. Barabas whipped up a quick browser search bar plugin. We got a massive CVE / OSVDB entry update from Steve Tornio which was added to our DB. Our “perfect” exploit template now has links to the exploit co – The Day After

The Exploit Database is up and running…survived day 1 . On a last moment fluke, we registered the domain, which is now also up and running. We’ve improved the search functions on the site, and imported the “papers

Offsec Web Server Hacked

For the past couple of weeks we have been watching escalating DOS attacks against our web server, specifically against the Metasploit Unleashed Wiki. Today as we were watching our apache logs, we noticed unusual requests. A quick analysis showed that our web s

Metasploit Rising

The Framework that we all know and love is about to take a massive leap into the future.   The MSF crew as well as the MSF itself has been placed under Rapid 7’s corporate umbrella. The framework will continue to be free, running under the BSD license.

Sniffing DECT Phones – The Details

5M7X has completed his DECT write-up, and it rocks. As DECT phone manufacturers rarely give any indication about their phone encryption capabilities, the only reliable way to check the security of your phone is to test it yourself. ... Read more »

Sniffing DECT Phones with BackTrack

BIG FAT HAIRY NOTE: IT IS ILLEGAL TO RECORD PHONE CONVERSATIONS IN MANY COUNTRIES. For a list of state privacy laws in the US, click here and here. Thanks to 5m7x, dedected is soon to be added to the BackTrack repositories. In our internal tests, the standard

Kernel whoops in BackTrack 4

The latest Linux Kernel ‘sock_sendpage()’ NULL Pointer Dereference Vulnerability did not spare BackTrack 4 either.  We’ve taken this opportunity to upgrade the BackTrack 4 kernel and include the required security patch. The patched kernel s