Kernel Debugging macOS with SIP

As security researchers, we often find ourselves needing to look deep into various kernels to fully understand our target and accomplish our goals. Doing so on the Windows platform is no mystery, as there have been countless well-written posts about kernel debugging setups. For macOS, however, the situation is slightly different.

There are many great posts describing how to set up kernel debugging between two machines, but all of them suggest that SIP (System Integrity Protection) should be disabled for kernel debugging.

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Exploit Database SearchSploit Update

To help search the local copy of Exploit DB, we created “SearchSploit“, which gives you a powerful command line interface to perform detailed queries. SearchSploit has recently been updated. Let’s review the update and the benefits.

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PWK: All New for 2020

Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK) has gotten a massive overhaul for 2020. Find out what’s new in Offensive Security’s foundational pentesting course.

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Try Harder: From Mantra to Mindset

Our community manager, Tony Punturiero, breaks down the meaning of Offensive Security’s legendary motto “Try Harder”, and how it can help jump start your cyber career.

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Understanding the Fundamentals of Web Application Security

Web application security can be a rewarding career path. However, the web application security space, and cybersecurity industry as a whole, lives in a constant state of change. An unrelenting curiosity and passion for lifelong learning is mandatory for anyone seeking to specialize in this niche. Here are some fundamentals to help you pursue these skills.

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