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  • Offsc Mw3 Blog Slide1

    MW3 Staff vs Students 0x1

    Want a chance to get even ? For years we have been running classes that take great joy in torturing our students. We ask a lot of you, and the classes and certifications prove it. However there is no way around it: Some times we can drive you nuts. Here’s your chance to get even, MW3-style.

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  • Pwb Part 5

    PWB in the Caribbean, Part 5

    In this final post of our PWB in the Caribbean series, Johnny picks up from where he left off in Part 4, reflecting on his experiences during the week and the impact it has had on him personally. Without further delay, we’ll let Johnny wrap up the series.

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  • Pwb Part 4

    PWB in the Caribbean, Part 4

    When we last left off in Part 3 of our series of posts on Johnny’s experience at our recent PWB in the Caribbean course, he was experiencing the highs and lows of exploit development, emerging triumphantly in the end. Part 4 picks up where we left off last time so we’ll let Johnny take it from here.

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  • Pwb Part One

    PWB in the Caribbean, Part 1

    Quite often, people tend to wonder what it’s like to experience an Offensive Security live training course. At our most recent live Pentesting with BackTrack course in St. Kitts, we had in attendance, Johnny Long of Hackers for Charity and he was good enough to keep a journal of his experiences during the course.

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  • Wifuv3wall

    Offensive Security Wireless Attacks Updated

    At long last, our highly rated Wireless Attacks Course (Wi-Fu) has been updated to version 3! This is a major revision of the course with a complete restructure and redesign of the course content with a far broader range of attack techniques.

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  • Offsec Thumb Se Defcon19 2011

    The Schmooze Strikes Back

    The Social Engineering Defcon 19 CTF For the last 2 years now, Social-Engineer.Org’s mission has been to raise awareness for social engineering. Security technology has not been able to stop the advances of attackers leveraging social engineering techniques in order to gain unauthorized access to …

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  • 2011 Training Blog

    Live Training Spring 2011

    In our spring tradition of live training we are happy to announce our official April 2011 Pentesting With BackTrack course in Columbia, MD. As usual we are keeping our classes small so if you are interested sign up as soon as possible before we are …

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  • Derbycon Offsec Blog

    DerbyCon Security Conference 2011

    We are happy to announce that Offensive Security will be sponsoring DerbyCon. DerbyCon is a new hacker conference located in Louisville Kentucky. Our goal is to bring back an old style, community driven hacker con chocked full of amazing talks, live events and all around …

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  • Ie 0day Css Blog

    Internet Explorer CSS 0day on Windows 7

    A recent video submission by Abysssec demonstrates the Internet Explorer CSS 0day currently rampaging  – reliably working on Windows 7 and Vista. The exploit bypasses DEP and ASLR without the use of any 3rd party extensions. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of …

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  • Sebook Offsec

    The Art of Human Hacking

    It’s hard to believe that the project began 14 months ago. This project started from a simple idea ­ to build the world’s first framework for social engineers. In these 14 months, this project has grown into the leading resource for all real social …

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