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  • Godaddy Xss

    Godaddy Workspace XSS – Who’s your Daddy ?

    An interesting submission in from the Exploit Database – a Godaddy workspace XSS vulnerability. Although we did not post it (live site), the vulnerability seems real, and definitely worth mentioning.

    In essence, this vulnerability allows an attacker to send malicious JavaScript to a non suspecting victim – allowing stealing of cookies and other nasty stuff. Effectively, if you are using the Godaddy web interface, an attacker can acquire a your session information and log to the account with no credentials.All Godaddy workspace users, ph33r.

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  • Exploit IPad6

    Offsec Exploit Weekend

    Aloha Offsec students! You’ve been slapped around by Bob, abused by Nicky and crushed by NNM. Just as you thought it was over, Offensive Security now comes up with a brand new type of pain. This one is for all your hardcore exploit developers out there, who want a real challenge – an Offsec “Exploit Weekend”.

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  • Pwb 3 Offsec

    Penetration Testing with BackTrack – Live Training

    Penetration Testing with BackTrack – There has been a lot of focus on high quality training for security professionals lately in the news. Even the US Government has issued statements about the need for security training to be different in the market today. Much of their research has led them to say that a real-world, hands-on approach to training is more effective than the typical multiple choice training that is out there.

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  • Webdav Booboo

    Microsoft DLL Hijacking Exploit in Action

    The “new” Insecure Library Loading vulnerability (2269637) in action… The Metasploit team has added a exploit module for this vulnerability. Check it out.

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  • Poster Dark1 Thumb

    Security Awareness Training – A New Era

    Each year companies lose millions in security breaches. High quality Information Security Awareness is probably one of the most important remedies for these attacks. For a long time we have held to the thought that the human element is the weakest link in the chain, and the Social Engineering Contest at Defcon 18 really drove the point through.

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  • R1 Release Offsec Blog

    BlackHat, BackTrack and EDB Updates

    The Offsec crew is back from BlackHat and Defcon, alive and well. The PWB and AWE trainings were a blast and the crowd was awesome. The BackTrack R1 BlackHat edition release went well, with over 5500 DVDs distributed. We thank everyone who came to our booth – it was nice to put a face to some of those names…

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  • OSX ROP Exploit Article, EDB updates

    A great start for our EDB DEV group. Last week we dug into some published HP vulnerabilities, and came out with 3 exploits which were published this week. Our highlight this week is an awesome writeup about a OSX ROP Exploit case study by didn0t. Check it out!

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  • Offsec Bt Exdb Explode

    BackTrack 5 and Exploit-DB Updates

    Exciting times here at Offensive Security. Two of our most major projects are off to new and amazing directions – BackTrack and the Exploit Database. The BackTrack development team is now officially funded by Offensive Security, bringing a new era of a high quality penetration testing distribution. In addition, the EDB has started a new R&D initiative which will result in some interesting blog posts.

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  • Se Contest Offsec Size

    How Strong Is Your Schmooze ?

    Are you looking for a real Social Engineering CTF challenge? Join Social-Engineer.Org and Offensive Security in the Official Social Engineering CTF hosted at Defcon 18.

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  • Hsiyf2 Offsec

    Hacking Challenge #2 – HSIYF for Charity

    Offsec has teamed up with the crew at Hackers For Charity and the world’s premier Hacker Con – BlackHat, to provide another amazing cyber hacking challenge.

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