Information Security Certifications

Hands-on information security certification training by Offensive Security.

Hands-on Information Security Certifications for Professional Pentesters

Accompanying our information security training programs are a set of industry leading Information Security Certifications which are considered the most rigorous tests of skill available in the computer security field. These performance-based security certifications rely entirely on demonstrated ability and merit. Instead of relying on outdated multiple choice questions, candidates are presented with a series of real-world hacking tasks which they must complete in a limited amount of time. Pass or fail is based on your actual performance. From the best pen test training comes the best information security certifications.

Information Security Certifications and hands-on ethical hacking exams for penetration testers and IT security professionals. Training provided by Offensive Security.

During your training and certification exam process, you’ll quickly learn our students core mantra, “Try Harder!”

Try our leading information security certification program – the OSCP.

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Offensive Security Certified Professional – OSCP Certification

Demonstrates your expertise in penetration testing techniques and tools.

The OSCP is our accompanying information security certification to the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux course. The OSCP was the first security certification in the market that requires a fully “hands on” performance-based approach, leaving no space for multiple choice questions. As the market leader, the OSCP changed the landscape of the information security certification marketplace. During the information security certification online test, the student is placed in a virtual lab network with several vulnerable machines; points are then  awarded if a successful compromise occurs. The student must demonstrate their depth of understanding by documenting both the steps they took to penetrate the box as well as captured flag files in a report at the conclusion of testing.

OSCP Information Security Certification


Offensive Security Wireless Professional – OSWP Certification

Demonstrates your expertise in offensive wireless auditing.

The OSWP certification demonstrates that students of the Offensive Security Wireless Attacks course possess the knowledge and skills needed to successfully attack wireless networks in varying configurations and protections. In order to earn the OSWP certification, the student has to attack a series of wireless networks in a real-world configuration, requiring the student to be responsive to unexpected situations and demonstrate they know how to use the right technique for a given scenario. The OSWP demonstrates proficiency in understanding the security issues surrounding wireless network deployments, and how to successfully compromise them in the real world.

OSWP Information Security Certification


Offensive Security Certified Expert – OSCE Certification

Demonstrates your expertise in advanced penetration testing techniques.

The OSCE certification is the challenge at the end of the Cracking the Perimeter (CTP) advanced penetration testing course. Going far beyond the material directly covered in the CTP online course, the OSCE exam validates the student’s grasp of the concepts presented in the material and proves their ability to think laterally under pressure by devising creative methods to achieve the exam objectives. Due to the challenging nature of this exam, candidates are provided with 48 hours for completion. Widely regarded as one of the most respected and difficult to obtain technical information security certifications available, the OSCE is the industry premier advanced penetration testing certification. Holders of this certification are part of an elite group who have proven they have what it takes to be among the best and brightest in the field.

OSCE Information Security Certification


Offensive Security Exploitation Expert – OSEE Certification

Demonstrates your expertise in advanced windows exploit development.

The OSEE certification is the companion certification to the extremely demanding Advanced Windows Exploitation course. The OSEE certification thoroughly assesses not only the students understanding of creating Windows based exploits in a manner that bypasses modern controls and anti-exploitation technologies. In this extremely challenging exam, the student is provided with 72 hours in order to develop their exploits and fully document the steps taken. The OSEE is the most well known certification specifically focused on Windows based exploitation. Holders of this certification have proven they not only understand modern exploitation techniques, but additionally how to bypass complex anti-exploitation controls and protections.

OSEE Information Security Certification


Offensive Security Web Expert – OSWE Certification

Demonstrates your expertise in advanced web application exploitation.

The OSWE certification is the accompanying certification to the Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation course. In this 24-hour exam, students are placed in an unknown exam environment where they demonstrate their knowledge not only of the course material, but web application vulnerabilities in general. Exam candidates are required to analyze and exploit a selection of vulnerable targets and provide comprehensive documentation detailing their attacks. Holders of the OSWE certification have proven a deep understanding of web vulnerabilities and their associated impact leading to real-world compromises. Certificated individuals often are some of the most productive discoverers of 0-day web exploits in the work force.

OSEE Information Security Certification

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