Information Security Certifications

Information Security Certifications by Offensive Security

Offensive Security Certified Professional – OSCP

Demonstrates your expertise in penetration testing tools and techniques.

The Offensive Security Certified Professional certification (OSCP) is the accompanying certification to the Pentesting with Kali Linux course and is unique in its field in that it is the only security certification in the market that requires a fully “hands on” approach, leaving no space for multiple choice questions. The student is placed in a lab network with several vulnerable machines and points are awarded if a successful hack is performed. The student must demonstrate their depth of understanding by submitting both the steps they took to penetrate the box as well as the proof.txt file.

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Offensive Security Wireless Professional – OSWP

Demonstrates your expertise in offensive wireless auditing.

The Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP) certification demonstrates that students of the Offensive Security Wireless Attacks course possess the knowledge and skills needed to successfully attack wireless networks in varying configurations. In order to earn the OSWP certification, the student has to attack a series of wireless networks in a real deployment, requiring the student to be responsive to unexpected situations and demonstrate they know how to use the right technique for a given scenario.

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Offensive Security Certified Expert – OSCE

Demonstrates your expertise in advanced penetration testing techniques.

Cracking the Perimeter students can opt to take the Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE) certification challenge. Going far beyond the material directly covered in the CTP course, the OSCE exam validates the student’s grasp of the concepts presented in the material and proves their ability to think laterally under pressure, devising creative methods to achieve the exam objectives. Due to the challenging nature of this exam, candidates are provided with 48 hours to complete it successfully.

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Offensive Security Exploitation Expert – OSEE

Demonstrates your expertise in advanced windows exploit discovery and development.

The Offensive Security Exploitation Expert (OSEE) certification is the companion certification to the extremely demanding Advanced Windows Exploitation course. The OSEE certification thoroughly assesses not only the students understanding of the course content, but also their ability to think laterally and adapt to new challenges while under pressure. In this extremely challenging exam, the student is provided with 72 hours in order to develop their exploits and fully document the steps taken.

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Offensive Security Web Expert – OSWE

Demonstrates your expertise in advanced web application attacks and exploitation.

The Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE) certification is the accompanying certification to the Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation course. In this 24-hour exam, students are placed in an unknown exam environment where they are to demonstrate their knowledge not only of the course material, but web application vulnerabilities in general. Exam candidates are required to analyze and exploit a selection of vulnerable targets and provide comprehensive documentation detailing their attacks.

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