Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation

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Offensive Security’s Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation (AWAE) ethical hacking course was created by taking widely deployed web applications found in many enterprises and actively exploiting them. Web service testing is just one facet to our penetration testing methodology, which will put you at the forefront of advanced web attacks today. Finding vulnerabilities in perimeter defenses, web server application attacks, and bypassing internet security to traverse from the web into private networks are just a few examples of exploitation techniques you will learn in this course.

The days of porous network perimeters are fading fast as web services become more resilient and harder to exploit. In order to penetrate today’s modern networks, a new approach is required to gain that initial critical foothold into a network. Penetration testers must be fluent in the art of exploitation when using web based attacks. From mind-bending XSS attacks, to exploiting race conditions, this intensive hands-on course will take your skills beyond run-of-the-mill SQL injection and file inclusion attacks while propelling you into a world of brain-melting SQL queries, advanced web attacks and more!

This application security training will broaden your knowledge of the web services architecture in order to help you identify and circumvent various protection mechanisms in use on the web today. Don’t be left behind! Go beyond the basics and dive deep into the realm of advanced web application penetration testing.

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Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation is especially demanding, requiring a great deal of student-instructor interaction. For this reason, the course is only available in a live training environment at Black Hat USA in Las Vegas, NV.

Additionally, to get the most out of this live penetration testing class, you will want to spend time in the evenings working through case studies and reviewing the provided reading material. This is one of the more intense and challenging courses that Offensive Security offers.

Can’t make it to Black Hat USA or need to have a large group trained from your organization? Offensive Security In-House Training can bring our Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation course to you.

Offensive Security Lab EnvironmentStudent Prerequisites

It is assumed that the student already has a medium understanding of the underlying protocols and technologies involved in testing web applications such as the HTTP protocol, SSL communications, and the usage of various browser plugins and proxies. A basic familiarity with web based programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL will also prove helpful.

Computer Lab Requirements

You want to bring a serious laptop along – one able to run 3 VMs with ease. Please do not bring netbooks or other low resolution systems.

  • 64bit Host operating system
  • A minimum 8 GB RAM installed
  • VMware Workstation / Fusion installed
  • At least 60 GB HD free
  • Wired Network Support
  • USB 2.0 support or better

Offensive Security Web Expert OSWE Certification

The Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE) is an entirely hands-on web application penetration testing certification. The OSWE challenges the students to prove they have a clear and practical understanding of the web application assessment and hacking process through a challenging twenty-four hour certification exam.

The OSWE exam consists of a remotely-hosted dedicated vulnerable network, which is designed to be compromised within a 24-hour time period. The exam is entirely hands-on and is completed with the candidate submitting an in-depth penetration test report of the OSWE network consisting of the steps required to exploit each application. The coveted OSWE certification is awarded to students who successfully gain administrative access to systems on the vulnerable network.

Each module is supported by a real-world lab simulation that provides students with hands on exercises – allowing students to gain actual experience in encountering and overcoming the difficulties that surface in real-life penetration tests. Far from canned examples, students are placed in situations in which they have to solve real problems.

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