Advanced Web Attacks & Exploitation

Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation



The days of porous network perimeters are fading fast as services become more resilient and harder to exploit. In order to penetrate today’s modern networks, a new approach is required. In order to gain that initial critical foothold in a network, penetration testers must be fluent in the art of exploiting front-facing web applications. Offensive Security’s Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation (AWAE) will take you far beyond the simple basics of SQL injection and bring you deep into the realm of web application penetration testing.

From mind-bending XSS attacks, to exploiting race conditions, to advanced SQL injection attacks, Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation will broaden your knowledge of web application hacking and help you identify and circumvent various protection mechanisms in use on the web today.
This intensive, hands-on course will take your skills beyond run-of-mill SQL injection or mediocre file inclusion attacks and propel you into a world of brain-melting SQL queries, race conditions, and more.



Live Training

Due to the intense and demanding nature of this course, it is only available in a live training environment. This ensures a higher-quality training experience and guarantees you’ll get the most out of this course.


Complex Labs

The sophisticated labs for Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation provides students ample opportunity to practice the latest web attacking techniques.

Get Certified!

Get OSWE Certified!

The OSWE certification will push your web application pentesting skills to the limit with a range of unknown targets to exploit within a 24-hour period.

How it Works

1Register & Book

After registering for the course, you will want to ensure you have booked your travel and accommodations close to the training venue. If the training is being held at a hotel, it is recommended you make reservations at the same location in order to work with your fellow students after hours.


Ensure that you have a laptop that is capable of running a selection of virtual machines, sometimes two at the same time. Take the time before the course to brush up on your web application knowledge as there will not be time during the course to review the basics.


Once you have completed the course, you’re ready to take the certification challenge – an intense and demanding 24-hour experience where you will be required to put your newly-acquired skills to use against unknown vulnerabilities in our exam lab environment.

Additional Information

Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation Course Syllabus

For further information on the materials covered in Advanced Web Hacking and Exploitation, please see the Course Syllabus.

Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation Detailed Pricing
Course Location Dates Price in USD
Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation → Black Hat, Las Vegas August 1-4 See Black Hat →
OSWE Certification retake USD 100