Advanced Windows Exploitation

Advanced Windows Exploitation


Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE) is Offensive Security’s most demanding Windows exploitation course, featuring a sophisticated hands-on lab environment geared towards challenging you and bringing out your best. The case studies covered include public vulnerabilities as well as vulnerabilities discovered by our research team, all of which cover a wide range of applications and exploitation techniques.

Making extensive use of hands-on material, AWE covers such advanced topics as DEP and ASLR evasion, precision heap spraying, function pointer overwrites, buffer space limitations, Windows driver exploits, and creating custom hand-made shellcode. You won’t just read about theory, but rather you will be creating exploits by hand for non-staged systems with real world applications. This is NOT an entry level course! Experience with a debugger, previous Windows exploits, and an intense tolerance for hard work is required.


Live Training

Due to the intense and demanding nature of this course, it is only available in a live training environment. This ensures a higher-quality training experience and guarantees you’ll get the most out of this course.


Complex Training Labs

The AWE labs are built for real applications on real networks. A wide array of Windows versions up to and including Windows 7 and Server 2008 are included.

Get Certified!

Get OSEE Certified!

The OSEE is our most demanding certification. You are provided with 72 hours to demonstrate your mastery of advanced exploitation techniques.

How it Works

1Register & Book

After registering for the course, you will want to ensure you have booked your travel and accommodations close to the training venue. If the training is being held at a hotel, it is recommended you make reservations at the same location in order to work with your fellow students after hours.


Ensure that you have a laptop that is capable of running a selection of virtual machines, sometimes two at the same time. Take the time before the course to brush up on your debugging and Windows exploitation skills as there will not be time during the course to review the basics.


Once you have completed the course, you’re ready to take the certification challenge – an intense and demanding 72-hour experience where you will be required to put your newly-acquired skills to use against unknown vulnerabilities in our exam lab environment.

Additional Information

Advanced Windows Exploitation Course Syllabus

Advanced Windows Exploitation provides detailed coverage of a wide range of modern exploitation techniques. For more details, we invite you to view the Course Syllabus.

Advanced Windows Exploitation Detailed Pricing
Course Location Dates Price in USD
Advanced Windows Exploitation → Black Hat, Las Vegas August 1-4 See Black Hat →