Cracking the Perimeter Online Penetration Testing Course

Learn Advanced Attack Vectors and Pentest Skills from Offensive Security.

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Our Cracking The Perimeter (CTP) online course combines a unique blend of penetration testing skills for one purpose: how to bypass security. The field of pentesting is constantly evolving. Both security awareness and security technologies are on the rise, and the bar required to “crack” the organizational perimeter is constantly being raised. Public exploits and weak passwords rarely do the job, which requires the attacker to have an expanded set of skills in order to successfully complete a real-world pentest.

In the CTP course, we will examine several advanced attack vectors, and how to bypass security settings based on real live scenarios we have encountered from our pentesting experience. In addition, we will cover some “special features” in Kali Linux designed to save you time and effort.

Topics such as cross-site scripting, directory traversal, anti-virus avoidance, how to manually obfuscate shellcode, and much more will be covered in a high-level of detail. Students will learn how to combine imaginative thinking with their own customized attack vectors to bypass security of the targeted systems. Cracking The Perimeter is among the most challenging ethical hacking and pentesting courses of its type.

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Why settle for less? Join this information security training course and boost your career with real Penetration Testing skills.

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The OSCE – A Real World Penetration Testing Certification

Learn how to bypass security systems with Cracking the Perimeter. This pentest training course will teach you advanced attack vectors and lead toward marking you as an OSCE Offensive Security Certified Expert, with proven hands-on experience in the field.

OSCE Certification
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ItemPrice in USD
CTP v.1.0 + 60 days CTP Lab access + certificationUSD 1,500.00
CTP v.1.0 + 30 days CTP Lab access + certificationUSD 1,200.00
CTP Lab access – extension of 60 daysUSD 600.00
CTP Lab access – extension of 30 daysUSD 350.00
OSCE – Certification retakeUSD 100.00
Cracking the Perimeter Online Training Course

Learn advanced penetration testing from Offensive Security, the creators of Kali Linux.

Price: CTP v1.0
Price: CTP v1.0
Price: CTP Lab
Price: CTP Lab
Price: OSCE Certification