Cracking the Perimeter

Offensive Security Wireless Attacks


The field of penetration testing is constantly evolving. Both security awareness and security technologies are on the rise, and the bar required to “crack” the organizational perimeter is constantly being raised. Public exploits and weak passwords rarely do the job, which require the attacker to have an expanded set of skills in order to successfully complete the penetration test.
In this course, we will examine several advanced attack vectors, based on real live scenarios we have encountered from our penetration testing experience. In addition, we will add some “special features” in BackTrack, designed to save you time and effort.

Topics such as cross-site scripting, directory traversal, antivirus avoidance, manual shellcode encoding, and much more will be covered with a high level of detail. Candidates will learn how to combine imaginative thinking with advanced attack vectors to bypass the targeted security control. CTP is among the most challenging courses of its type.

Online Training


Online Training

With downloadable course materials and 24/7 access to our VPN labs, you can complete your studies when you want, where you want.


Complex Online Labs

Practice your new skills and techniques in our private online CTP labs with custom-built systems and all required software installed.

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Get OSCE Certified!

Challenge yourself in the OSCE certification exam. This demanding 48-hour exam will take you to your limits and beyond.

How it Works

1Register & Download

After registering for the course, you’ll be able to download all your course materials, including the entire Cracking the Perimeter v.1.0 course video series in HTML/Flash format. These videos can be played on any modern computer with speakers.

2Connect to Labs

Using the provided Cracking the Perimeter Lab Guide and VPN connectivity pack, you will be able to connect to our remote labs. You’ll use these labs throughout the course to practice the concepts you’re learning from our highly qualified expert instructors.

3Communicate via IRC

Chat with your fellow students and your instructors via Internet Relay Chat. Instructors are online ready to answer questions and provide assistance throughout the course.


Once you have completed the course, you’re ready to take the certification challenge – a real-world, hands-on penetration test. You will be expected to dive into an unknown network and exploit weaknesses in order to pass the certification exam.

Perks and Bonuses

The Offensive Security Cracking the Perimeter online security training course may qualify you for 40 ISC2 CPE Credits.

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Additional Information

Cracking the Perimeter Course Syllabus

To get more information on the topics covered in Cracking the Perimeter, please view the Course Syllabus.

Demo and Pricing

Offensive Security Cracking the Perimeter Demo Video

Cracking the Perimeter v.1.0 – Course Pricing
Item Price in USD
CTP v.1.0 + 60 days CTP Lab access + certification USD 1,500.00
CTP v.1.0 + 30 days CTP Lab access + certification USD 1,200.00
CTP Lab access – extension of 60 days USD 600.00
CTP Lab access – extension of 30 days USD 350.00
OSCE – Certification retake USD 100.00

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