Offensive Security Wireless Attacks

Offensive Security Wireless Attacks

The wireless industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds with more and more gadgets evolving to be wireless. Wireless access points, media centers, phones, and even security systems are commonplace in the average household. Unfortunately, the security that is implemented on this equipment is often lacking, opening the devices to severe security vulnerabilities. In practice, many companies and organizations still use and deploy vulnerable wireless gear, often in their default configurations. This is most often due to poor security awareness or a lack of understanding of the risks and ramifications.

Online Training


Online Training

Read, study, and complete all of the Wi-Fu content at your leisure once you have downloaded the course materials.


Self-Hosted Labs

The Wireless Attacks course is conducted using your own self-hosted labs. For a brief listing of compatible hardware, please see the listing below.

Get Certified!

Get OSWP Certified!

Once you’ve mastered the Wi-Fu course content, challenge yourself with the OSWP exam where you connect to our exam lab and hack various wireless networks.

How it Works

1Register & Download

After registering for the course, you’ll be able to download all your course materials, including the entire Offensive Security Wireless Attacks v.3.0 course video series in HTML/Flash format. These videos can be played on any modern computer with speakers.

2Practice at Home

Once you have covered, and are comfortable with, the initial theory portion of the course, start working through the various attack scenarios in your self-hosted lab environment.

3Communicate via IRC

Chat with your fellow students and your instructors via Internet Relay Chat. Instructors are online ready to answer questions and provide assistance throughout the course.


Once you have completed the course, you’re ready to take the certification challenge – a real world, wireless penetration test. You will be expected to attack wireless networks of varying configurations in order to pass the certification exam.

Perks and Bonuses

Offensive Security Wireless Attacks may qualify you for 10 ISC2 CPE Credits. This applies to students who successfully complete the OSWP certification.

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Additional Information

Offensive Security Wireless Attacks Course Syllabus

To see more detailed information on the content and attacks covered in Offensive Security Wireless Attacks, we invite you to view the Course Syllabus.

Offensive Security Wireless Attacks Recommended Hardware

Unlike Pentesting with Kali Linux, “Offensive Security Wi-Fu” does not have online labs. The student is required to purchase or previously own compatible hardware. In order to gain the most out of the course, it would be best to work on “dedicated hardware” which is completely under your control. This way, you can reboot and reset hardware with ease.

  • A wireless access point (AP) with no hardened firmware.
  • A wireless card (PCMCIA or USB) able to inject traffic.
  • A BackTrack-compatible computer and wireless card.
  • An additional computer able to connect to your wireless network.

Most Access Points should work well with the course, and not block or restrict our attacks. If you’re planning on buying dedicated hardware for this course, we can recommend the same hardware that was used to produce “Offensive Security Wi-Fu.”

Recommended Access Points
  • D-Link DIR-601
  • Netgear WNR1000v2
Recommended Wireless Cards
  • Netgear WN111v2 USB
  • ALFA Networks AWUS036H USB 500mW

Demo and Pricing

Offensive Security Wireless Attacks Demo Video

Offensive Security Wireless Attacks v.3.0 – Course Pricing
Item Price in USD
Offensive Security Wireless Attacks v.3.0 + Certification USD 450.00
Upgrade to Offensive Security Wireless Attacks v.3.0 USD 100.00
OSWP – Certification retake USD 60.00

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