Kali Linux for Android Mobile Devices

Current NetHunter Release – 2020.2 | NetHunter Documentation
Nexus 4 & 5 Android Phone

kali nethunter nexus 5

Nexus 7 Mini Tablet

kali nethunter nexus 7

Nexus 10 Tablet

kali nethunter nexus 10 tablet

Nexus 4/5 – Kali Linux NetHunter for the Nexus 5 provides you with the ultimate in penetration testing portability. With a quad-core 2.26GHz CPU and 2GB of RAM, you have an immense amount of power at your fingertips to run a wide range of attacks on a platform that easily fits in your pocket.

Nexus 7 – With the Nexus 7 running Kali NetHunter, you have a powerful, portable, and inexpensive penetration testing platform. NetHunter images are available for both the Wi-Fi and LTE versions, giving you a great deal of versatility with a larger screen.

Nexus 10 – With its 2560×1600 resolution, dual-core CPU, and 2GB of RAM, Kali Linux NetHunter on the Nexus 10 gives you a full desktop experience with all the power and versatility that Kali Linux has to offer, in a full size tablet form-factor.

Nexus 6 – New!

kali nethunter nexus 6 phone

Nexus 9 – New!

NetHunter on Nexus 9

OnePlus One Phones – New!

kali nethunter onePlus one phone

Nexus 6 – The Nexus 6 is a true “Phablet”, featuring a 2.7 Ghz quad core CPU and 3GB of ram coupled with a 6″ display. The most powerful NetHunter device you can get that will still fit in your pocket.

Nexus 9 – With its optional keyboard cover accessory, the Nexus 9 becomes close to the perfect platform available for Kali NetHunter. The size of a typical EBook reader, you have a a device that features WiFi and LTE versions with a physical keyboard, allowing for an easier to read screen.

OnePlus – The OnePlus is available at half the price of a Nexus 6, yet with comparable specs and a size similar to a Nexus 5. This device has in large part supplanted the Nexus 5 as the preferred phone form factor NetHunter device.

For more information about our NetHunter Rootless images, please see here.
You can download and install Kali Linux NetHunter images on the following Android devices:
Image Name Torrent Version Size SHA256Sum
Sony XPeria Z1 Marshmallow Torrent 2020.2 1.3G a960ec7aaba22d6ed819a27178ab5a95fd435ef27afd1d9d2ae6de294cab9b16
OnePlus 2 Pie Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 223326f6cece5ed505f958da4d898996ec38d793589ba458189805b84fd44560
Nexus 7 2013 (CM) Marshmallow Torrent 2020.2 1.3G fa401bcb7c59f354c4a48e28103ee3604d00b919810dfc8ac2d7ca21d6ccc987
Generic Arm64 Torrent 2020.2 1.3G b90d2fe5ef55739e4675947a8fea5205d5a43b08146109ca3c2048fd559e1b95
OnePlus 2 Nougat Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 2eefeba6031b8f66ff13a19599ac1c14d44d629183e25d90315ddbb301fc146c
Nexus 6 Nougat Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 0d1eaa3bb937c3bc5848f9a978f0e9bf2b02eb92f7b2020c2829c8fd419ee3d2
Nexus 6 (LOS) Pie Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 15f04e358b15a6e0d9142de85fdb2c21eae866c5a84d14b0a35053e153f8ad3a
OnePlus 7 / OnePlus 7 Pro Ten Torrent 2020.2 1.3G d3d81fe66c36ac9280992820bbfd1ac93b6fa151dbb72ddc44006298aa035c5d
Manta Lollipop Torrent 2020.2 1.3G b85ac1b35279b5db9fdaac578e99727d7d7e57305c5be856ba555b46f616f954
Sony XPeria Z1 Pie Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 293214f2805f42c6a6e34467854e769a271af752019cbd548f032dba9b387159
Nexus 6P Oreo Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 01bee92fde6f0afb5afaadcd001433730c1994145d92fb5691427e1c3f36bc5b
Generic ARMhf Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 520fabc57ca257fc551d73516cef9ca466e217c56f59ba39d3aa4e0617ccf4ab
OnePlus One Marshmallow Torrent 2020.2 1.3G f49f2e0afc579964b8900875f7fa23a8866563392521386861f334688c223246
Nexus 5 Nougat Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 26704e1f1c91cfacc4602af841377a83a7f9896b45f9c0356fb0e335a5c932f4
ZTE Axon 7 Marshmallow Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 97236306b4f7183408f6cc501d0009f73e1f4bd89a0ef5ccb327a53fefb174e0
Davinci Miui Ten Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 53b6b5c6c1eee01d5827641078ac641e6a49fa68354dfc17c11d4c92de8139b0
Gemini PDA Nougat Torrent 2020.2 1.3G aa3e51b94b6f7e30a6ecf05114b8569459acf53ea3179619a8c936d1d7061ee0
Zerolte Nougat Torrent 2020.2 1.3G db13cae9e11e0c0f351ba27918524dad8be3b5de897cfd7008f2f1e03bf28ec6
Nexus 5X Oreo Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 4812b55ce858d2667657e60e238123870a1e0c9520a56cdc1cd0b974a8e1b7a1
Oneplus3 Any Ten Torrent 2020.2 1.3G c8bee3a1af729ac75777cab18e8e6c1dcc30bc895d9fcbb2c6842c791ff25a1f
Nexus 6P Los Ten Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 25ac56448c58ed8e769c374d2c723f2af0d3b1a596528a8496e1ba670ce1118f
Nexus 5 Marshmallow Torrent 2020.2 1.3G ecb2c02903d554c8b6c1aa3f81addee941af25f7cb8e23d2b427ca54428766ae
LG V20 Int Nougat Torrent 2020.2 1.3G ed1a8aa02e980c6f951832ae9b344cdda5086a9a4b9c2f9fb015496d6c7768c7
Nexus 9 Nougat Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 92d96e5c51067a70d1c3a97a347ef9aeef3c8d12a5f64040f9b7691c82cbad7d
Galaxy Tab S4 (LTE) Oreo Torrent 2020.2 1.3G ccb79ac8f331a859d6c2b5ffb0150cd74234e1db4b7a6c879eb9cd6b75996960
Nexus 7 2013 Marshmallow Torrent 2020.2 1.3G c43b08dd46f94a529cc4b8bd7b97448a2dd85295f1a7c932e6729ffb9b084cf5
Galaxy Tab S4 (WiFi) Oreo Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 00940f0aa2268bc7ddcfd0cfc7f215daaa67d05b3d6e05ac0e63d599b73cbefa
Oneplus3 Any Pie Torrent 2020.2 1.3G 96a383b4e33d02498da56079576fcfb3dab303d2f4ff844f55c0ec1488bd78bf
OnePlus One Pie Torrent 2020.2 1.3G c80f5f89adeefba971540fc0cdb8653a7ff55f970d173a7f07b4b42efaaa12a7

Note: Offensive Security does not provide technical support for NetHunter. Support for NetHunter can be obtained via various methods listed on the Kali Linux Community page. Further documentation can be found at our NetHunter Wiki.