What are the Proving Grounds?

The Offensive Security Proving Grounds (PG) are a safe virtual network environment designed to be attacked and penetrated. They’re based on the highly rated integrated exploratory course labs featured in Penetration Testing with Kali Linux. Students have enjoyed them so much that they asked us to create standalone labs.

The PG labs serve as a battleground for students and enterprise teams to practice in an environment like the PWK labs. They’re rife with both public and private vulnerabilities designed to deliver a specific educational experience to participants. Users develop and hone their penetration testing skills in the safety of a virtual environment, simulating what they would encounter on a real pentest.

Proving Grounds are currently available only to enterprise customers.

Professional Pentesting Experience


Professional Pentesting Experience


Great care has gone into creating a network of over forty systems with multiple operating systems. These are configured to represent a range of installations, from locked-down modern servers to classic configurations still found in networks everywhere. The systems deployment mirrors real-world situations, complete with network segmentation and IPS-protected “high security” zones.

Real exploitations serve as the basis for all scenarios, ensuring the experience is as genuine as possible.

  • Allows for interesting pivots and expanding possibilities
  • Our labs recreate corporate environments
  • Users can practice different techniques that may be relevant to a specific OS
Dynamic Updates
  • Our labs grow as we discover new exploits
  • We use our Exploit Database and pentest assessments to ensure the Proving Grounds stay updated
  • Users are exposed to scenarios they’d encounter in the real world
Proving Grounds
Why the Proving Grounds?

Many vulnerable machines have non-standard configurations. Simply pointing attack tools at the targets and clicking “go” won’t work. Penetration testers must dig deep into the vulnerabilities to complete their task rather than relying on automated tools.

Our hosted virtual lab networks prepare penetration testers for these situations. They include a variety of operating systems and attack vectors, so participants use and hone a broad set of pentesting skills for a richer and more educational experience.

We built Proving Grounds using our years of experience running the OffSec Training Labs. The extensive penetration tests we’ve conducted allow us to mirror interesting scenarios in our labs.

Who are the Proving Grounds for?

We created the hosted virtual labs as a next step for experienced penetration testers and those who have completed the OSCP examination. However, understanding how systems are penetrated is beneficial to many other IT and technical roles, including:

  • Systems and network admins
  • Web application developers
  • Software engineers
  • Security architects, analysts, and engineers
  • Exploit development researchers

Our challenging labs can frustrate even the most confident of information security professionals, providing an excellent training opportunity. If you’d like to explore options for your team, contact us.


Dedicated virtual labs for organizations

A dedicated virtual penetration testing lab can be purchased on an exclusive basis. This includes a lab environment along with a management account. The management account includes the ability to revert all virtual systems and control specific system access per user. User progress can be tracked to track which systems have been compromised.

Lab access for individuals

Currently, PG lab access is available only to organizations and businesses. Individuals preparing to pursue their OSCP certification may consider taking advantage of our free Kali Linux Training. This course helps prospective students gain a strong understanding of operating Kali. Successful completion of the course will designate the student a KLCP (Kali Linux Certified Professional).

Learn more about the Offsec Proving Grounds

Looking for an authentic penetration testing lab to sharpen your skills? Try Offensive Security Proving Grounds!

How would you use Enterprise Labs? Note: These are offered for corporations only at this time. Personal Labs will be offered in the future. Please contact us directly if you have more questions.