Ning Wang, CEO

As CEO of OffSec, Ning is responsible for the company culture, vision, strategy, and execution. She joins OffSec with 20+ years of experience after having held COO/CFO/CTO roles at several fast-growing companies including HackerOne and Ning has extensive experience in leadership, company building, operations, fundraising, and M&A. She is passionate about building great companies through high-performing teams, narrowing the talent gap in security, and promoting and nurturing women in tech and security. Ning has a Ph.D. in physics from UC Berkeley and has worked at McKinsey & Co.


Jim O’Gorman, Chief Content and Strategy Officer

Jim (elwood) began his tech career as a network administrator with a particular talent for network intrusion simulation, digital investigations, and malware analysis. Jim started teaching for OffSec in 2009 as an instructor for the Penetration Testing with Kali (PWK) course — a role he still enjoys. He went on to co-author Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide and Kali Linux: Revealed, and has developed and curated a number of OffSec courses. As the Chief Content and Strategy officer, he currently oversees the open source Kali Linux development project and participates with OffSec’s Penetration Testing Team.


Ari House, Chief Financial Officer

Ari has 10+ years of experience as a strategic CFO of growth-oriented businesses in the training/accreditation, information services, and fintech markets. He is responsible for OffSec’s finance and accounting, customer support, and human resources departments and plays an integral role in all corporate development and partnership activity. Ari is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.


Paul Sebastien, Chief Marketing Officer

Paul brings over 20 years of growth-focused marketing & business leadership experience at top Silicon Valley and Seattle companies including Udemy, Microsoft and Disney Mobile to OffSec. He is responsible for leading all B2C and B2B marketing, communications, community, events, and market growth for the company, and is passionate about strengthening OffSec’s connection with the global Infosec community.


Kerry Ancheta, Chief Revenue Officer

Kerry leads OffSec’s global sales and channel strategy. He brings 20 years of experience in leading and scaling high-growth tech startups, including MySQL (prior to and through its acquisition by Oracle), HackerOne, HaProxy, and Conductor, among others. Kerry is passionate about helping the world’s top organizations better protect themselves with OffSec’s gold-standard in offensive cybersecurity training and certifications.

Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride, VP Student Success

As VP Student Success, Jeff is responsible for creating and delivering world-class student experiences. He brings over 20 years’ experience in professional services, business transformation, growth strategy and customer success. Jeff joins OffSec after holding customer success, sales leadership, and operational roles at fast-growing companies, including HackerOne and Medallia. He is passionate about growing and serving mission-driven technology businesses, designing and delivering exceptional customer experiences, and building high-performing teams. Jeff is a graduate of Wake Forest University, and has worked at McKinsey & Co.


Iggy Frankovic, VP Content Development

Iggy (ronin) is an accomplished application and network security pentester with more than 10 years of experience in exploit research and development. After spending a decade in traditional IT roles, Iggy earned his OSCP and OSCE certifications before joining Offsec’s penetration testing team. He teaches OffSec courses at Black Hat and continues to apply his experience as a pentester and exploit researcher to the development of OffSec’s entire course catalogue. He currently co-leads the Content team at OffSec, where he is responsible for the development and delivery of all course materials. Iggy is also responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Content Team.


Matteo Memelli, VP Content Development

Matteo (ryujin) is an information security veteran with a specialty in Windows exploitation. He joined OffSec’s training team early in his career and applied his experience in pentesting as the original architect of OffSec’s highly regarded Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE) course — a course which has sold out every year since its premiere in 2009. His recent work has included a series of EMET bypasses as well several 0day exploits in commercial software including Symantec Endpoint Protection. Matteo currently co-leads the Content team at Offsec, where he is responsible for the development and delivery of all course materials. He is also responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Content Team.