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Value of a Learn One Subscription

A Learn One Subscription is ideal for anyone looking to start their cybersecurity journey or work through our advanced-level courses. Having access to labs for one full year allows the flexibility to balance life and learning while reducing stress and time pressure on students.

New content is added monthly and two exam attempts means that a student has another chance at success. The Learn One Subscription also includes unlimited access to 100-level content for those who are just getting started.

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As a Learn One student, I gained extremely robust knowledge after finishing the 100-levels; this level's benefits are countless. It's recommended to everyone. Thanks to Offensive Security for this gamify fun course.


Musab Kharabsheh
Senior ICT Cybersecurity Associate

  • 2 exam attempts
  • 1 year access to labs
  • Unlimited access to 100-level content
  • Unlimited access to PG Practice
  • Access to PEN-210 (WiFu) + 1 OSWP exam attempt
  • Access to PEN-103 (KLR) + 1 KLCP exam attempt
  • Access starts immediately after purchase

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New students* can now subscribe to Learn One and pay over time. Climb Credit offers financing for as low as $82.21 a month for up to 36 months.

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OffSec Courses *

PEN‑200 (PWK) / PEN‑300 / WEB‑200 / WEB‑300 / EXP‑301 / EXP‑312 / SOC‑200

* Updated and new content added regularly — Applies to online courses only. AWE (EXP‑401) is only taught in live classes.

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Course Lab Access

1 Year

Proving Grounds Practice
Year-long subscription
($199 value)

Learn One

Fundamental Content
($799 value)

PEN-100: prerequisites for PEN-200

SOC-100: prerequisites for SOC-200

WEB-100: prerequisites for WEB-200

Learn One

Course exam

2 exam attempts for the
chosen course

Kali Linux Revealed (PEN-103)
($249 value)

1 KLCP exam attempt

OffSec Wireless Attacks (PEN-210) Course
($450 value)
* Available only through a Learn Subscription

1 OSWP exam attempt

Exam Retakes


Note: One subscription is needed per student. Sharing a subscription with more than one student is a violation of OffSec’s academic policy and can lead to being banned.