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Enjoy flexible learning options with the new Offensive Security Training Library subscriptions - Learn One and Learn Unlimited.


Why Learn Subscriptions?

For aspiring cybersecurity professionals:

Looking to start your security journey? Begin with the fundamentals in PEN-100 (a Learn exclusive!) and work your way up to earning the industry-leading OSCP certification. A subscription includes everything you need to complete your training goals – from Proving Grounds Practice to Wireless Attacks (PEN-210), and more.

OSCP holders and existing students:

A Learn subscription is ideal for those looking to work through our 300-level courses. Enjoy a full year of lab time, with an extra certification attempt, plus an online course of your choosing like the new macOS Control Bypasses (EXP-312).

Introducing two new courses available through Learn One


Security Operations and Defensive Analysis (SOC-200) and the Offensive Security Defense Analyst (OSDA) certifcation


SOC-200 reveals the consequences of common attacks from a defensive perspective.

Students who complete this path and pass the exam earn the Offensive Security Defense Analyst (OSDA) certification.

Now with new SOC-100 Fundamental Content!


Web Attacks with Kali Linux (WEB-200) and the Offensive Security Web Assessor (OSWA) certification


WEB-200, students will learn foundational Black Box enumeration and web exploitation techniques.

Take the course and pass the exam to earn your Offensive Security Web Assessor (OSWA) certification.

Now with new WEB-100 Fundamental Content!

What do you get with a Learn Subscription?

OffSec Courses
OffSec Courses

Take one or all of the industry-leading OffSec online courses*, with videos, labs and content. New content, courses and updates added frequently!

PEN-100 - Fundamentals
Fundamental Content

Our prerequisite courses PEN-100, SOC-100 and WEB-100 are all included with a Learn subscription.

Kali Linux Revealed
Kali Linux Revealed (KLR)

Access to the KLR course, plus KLCP exam.
$249 value!

OffSec Wireless Attacks (PEN-210)
OffSec Wireless Attacks (PEN-210)

The updated WiFu course is included with any Learn subscription option, a $450 value!

Proving Grounds
Proving Grounds Practice

Enjoy an entire year of PG Practice.
$199 value!

Exam Attempts

Earn your certification! Receive 2 attempts with Learn One or unlimited with Learn Unlimited.

* Applies to online courses only. AWE (EXP-401) is only taught in live classes.

Subscription Plans




Learn One features an entire year of lab access plus two exam attempts, for one course of your choosing.

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Take as many courses as you want with unlimited exam attempts, for an entire year.

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OffSec Courses *

  • PEN-200 (PWK)
  • PEN-300
  • WEB-200
  • WEB-300
  • EXP-301
  • EXP-312
  • SOC-200
* Updated and new content added regularly

Pick 1 of your choice

Learn Unlimited

Course Lab Access

1 Year

1 Year

Proving Grounds Practice
Year-long subscription ($199 value!)

Learn One

Learn Unlimited

Fundamental Content - NEW

  • PEN-100: prerequisites for PEN-200
  • SOC-100: prerequisites for SOC-200
  • WEB-100: prerequisites for WEB-200

Learn One

Learn Unlimited

Course exam

2 exam attempts for the
chosen course

Learn Unlimited

Kali Linux Certified Professional
($249 value!)

1 exam attempt

Learn Unlimited

OffSec Wireless Attacks (PEN-210) Course
($450 Value)
* Available only through a Learn Subscription

1 exam attempt

Learn Unlimited

Exam Retakes

All exam retakes are subject to the cooling off period.


No Charge

Note: One subscription is needed per student. Sharing a subscription with more than one student is a violation of OffSec’s academic policy and can lead to being banned.