MSFU Updates

MSFU Updates – May 2011

This month, even with the rampant development and release of BackTrack 5, we still devoted some time to updating Metasploit Unleashed. The Metasploit team is making a great deal of progress switching over to post-exploitation modules so we focused entirely on them this month and added many to the Metasploit Module Reference section.

Module Reference Additions

  • multi/gather/env
  • multi/gather/firefox_creds
  • windows/capture/keylog_recorder
  • windows/gather/arp_scanner
  • windows/gather/checkvm
  • windows/gather/credential_collector
  • windows/gather/dumplinks
  • windows/gather/enum_appliations
  • windows/gather/enum_logged_on_users
  • windows/gather/enum_shares
  • windows/gather/enum_snmp
  • windows/gather/hashdump
  • windows/gather/usb_history
  • windows/manage/autoroute
  • windows/manage/delete_user
  • windows/manage/migrate
  • windows/manage/multi_meterpreter_inject

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