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Why Offensive Security

A burglary shatters your sense of personal security. This is true of data breaches as well. Your sense of personal security can be re-established, but your customers may not be as forgiving. Unauthorized data access leads to many questions.
“How could this happen?”
“Did they get any data?”
“How do I prevent this from happening again?”
Offensive Security is available to help you answer these questions.

Our proven expertise in penetration testing allows us to turn the tables on the attackers and quickly determine how the system breach occurred.

We can reconstruct the attack in order to identify the impact of the events and make sense of the chaos. We will help determine if sensitive data was exfiltrated from your network and what, if any, notifications or actions need to occur.


What we offer

Offensive Security Investigative Security Services

By utilizing our expertise in penetration testing, Offensive Security can play many different roles in aiding your investigation.

  • We can provide help without even touching a keyboard by acting as a liaison with both federal and local law enforcement, working with teams of attorneys, and assisting HR in making sense of the events that occurred.
  • We understand that determining whether an event did or did not take place on a computer has far reaching implications and we have experience working in all facets of the investigation.
  • We are able to investigate a wide range of scenarios, from outside attacks to disgruntled insider actions.
  • We can help identify attacks in progress or find evidence of past compromises.
  • We play the role of an attacker to find the weakness used to gain access to your systems and lock them down.
  • We will explain the incident using plain language and deliver the facts that provide you actionable intelligence to leverage against future incidents.




Let’s talk

If you find yourself in a bad situation and want our unique perspective, let us know. We understand the stress that a compromise can cause and we are willing to give you straight talk even if it’s when the news isn’t good. This is what you can expect:

1 We will identify what exactly your needs are, and if we are the right people to help.

2 We will work with you to determine what your priorities should be and plan a work schedule based on that.

3 We will conduct our work, keeping you informed every step of the way.

4 We will create a technical report and management overview providing the details of what was discovered.

5 We will make suggestions and provide step-action guidelines to help correct any discovered issues.

We will work with you to make sure that you understand the results.

7 We will remain engaged to assist in any after-action tasks, should you require our assistance.

Contact us and talk to one of our team members; we will let you know how we can help.

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