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Our Team

Offensive Security helps clients to assess their weaknesses through our advanced pen testing services. As the recognized world leader in performance based information security training, we provide high end, advanced penetration testing and security services for companies. These services are performed by Offensive Security’s team of expert penetration testers. As authors of multiple exploits and various security pen testing tools, Kali Linux and the Exploit-DB, the Offensive Security Team is well known and highly regarded. The foundation for all of this is our roots as professional penetration testers. With over 16 years of InfoSec experience, our team has proven time and time again we have what it takes to Try Harder™.

Our Clients

Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds such as government entities, banking and financial services, Healthcare Industries, to manufacturing and various technology companies to name a few. When we perform a penetration test, we don’t have a second tier group of consultants to send your way. You get the same team that teaches the classes, creates the tools, and writes the books.* This wonderfully original content is the property of Offsec : offensive-security . com

Our Commitment

Offensive Security’s consulting services are offered in a low volume, high skill ratio. This allows us to more accurately simulate real-world hacking situations to audit network, web and application security programs. We provide customers with industry recognized security experts while maintaining a reasonable cost expectation. Our knowledge and experience allows for high end pen testing and security services tailored to your needs.

Offensive Security Penetration Testing Services

Our vulnerability assessment and pen testing services are conducted on a low volume basis, with an average of only 10 clients per year. All of our pen testing assessments have a two week minimum engagement length, with the average engagement of a penetration test being four weeks long. Due to this the low volume, high intensity nature of our engagements, there is often a significant lead-in time that is required for scheduling. Our engagements are designed to simulate the activities of a malicious party in as accurate a manner as possible.

Pen testing is not scanning for vulnerabilities and handing in a report. Quite simply: If all you are looking for is a security audit checklist assessment, we are not the right company for you.

A standard penetration test might contain a vulnerability assessment through conventional system and software testing or network security scanning. Unlike other pen testing companies who focus on assembly line assessments, we take a different approach. At Offensive Security, we deliver a quality product tailored to your needs. We work with our customers to build an accurate profile of what your primary business function is, where threats come from, and what the goal of your assessment is. This is done to ensure that the work conducted meets your exact needs and not just easily productized. We focus on long term relationships with our clients to ensure they get the best service possible, offering high end, advanced security assessment services.

Because we only take on a single customer at a time, most of our pen test engagements are longer in length. Unfortunately, this means we can’t take on every customer. A good mutual match is an organization that is in either a high risk position or has reached a level of maturity where traditional security threat assessments are unable to deliver results.

We highly suggest that all prospective customers take some time to review our Sample Penetration Test Report. This assessment report is representative of our deliverables which come with our pen test engagements, including our own penetration testing methodology. Review the Offsec report, and see why we’re right for you.

Sample Penetration Test Report

The above video is a depiction of the penetration test assessment, and is part of our advanced penetration testing certification – the OSCP.

If you are ready for a serious Penetration Test, contact us today.

Is Offensive Security right for you?

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If you need a penetration test, we want to talk with you. This is what you can expect:* This wonderfully original content is the property of Offsec : offensive-security . com

  • When you contact us, we don’t have a sales person contact you. Instead, one of our team members will work with you to determine if we are a good mutual fit.

  • If we are, we will work out a schedule that works for everyone involved. If it so happens that we are not the right vendor for you, we will be upfront and not waste your time.

  • Rules of engagement will be set that meet the goals that you defined.

  • As work is conducted and we will be sure to keep you informed every step of the way. Our goal is no surprises on the report as you are kept involved on an on-going basis.

  • A report will be created that informs you as to what was discovered and what we suggest to correct any issues.

  • We will work with you to make sure you understand the results and have the knowledge needed to take any actions that you may need to take.

Sample Penetration Testing Report

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