Virtual Penetration Testing Labs

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Hosted Penetration Testing Labs by Offensive Security

Offensive Security is proud to introduce the Offensive Security Penetration Testing Labs (OSPTL), a safe virtual network environment designed to be attacked and penetrated as a means of learning and sharpening your penetration testing skills. The OSPTL was created using our years of experience running the Offensive Security Training Labs, as well as a large number of penetration tests we have conducted over the years. This allows us to mirror interesting scenarios and introduce them into the labs. The virtual network is rife with both known and unknown vulnerabilities, each designed to deliver a specific educational experience to attacking participants.

Modern and Challenging Network Designs

The vulnerable networks are rich with various Operating Systems and attack vectors, allowing participants to utilize and hone a broad set of Offensive Security skills. Many vulnerable machines have non-standard configurations, often forcing participants to dig deep into the vulnerabilities in order to complete their task, rather than blindly using automated tools. This in turn provides for a richer and significantly more educational experience.

Great care has gone into creating a network of over forty systems consisting of multiple operating systems, configured to represent a range of installations – from locked down modern servers to classic configurations still found in networks everywhere. The systems are deployed in a manner that mirrors real-world situations, complete with network segmentation and IPS protected “High Security” zones. All the scenarios have been generated based off of real-world exploitations that have been conducted for various customers to ensure that the experience is as genuine as possible.

Dedicated Hosted Labs for Corporations

A full hosted OSPTL solution can be purchased on an exclusive basis. This provides twenty user accounts and a suggested ten concurrent users (depending on usage profile) to the OSPTL along with a management account. The management account has a wide array of functionality such as the ability to revert all virtual systems at any time and control what systems are accessible per user. User account progress can be tracked by the management user to identify what systems have been compromised. Access can be obtained in 90, 180, and 365 day increments. Contact us via the sidebar for more information on how to sign up.

Custom In House Virtual Labs

Offensive Security has extensive experience in creating and maintaining complex virtual labs. We can create a whole array of fictitious networks, containing accurate representations of a real-life digital corporate presence. Our virtual computer networks provide varying scenarios of configurations, operating systems, and appliances, which provides a safe and indestructible environment to practice and perfect your penetration testing skills without damaging or jeopardizing your business network. Please contact us to obtain your own in-house Offensive Security Intelligent Penetration Testing Labs.

Shared Hosted Labs Access for Individuals

Individual access to the hosted virtual labs is not yet available. We plan to have the Offensive Security Playground available in early 2015 to individuals requiring this service. We will keep you informed when this service goes live via our blog and Twitter announcements.

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