The Art of Human Hacking

The Art of Human Hacking

It’s hard to believe that the project began 14 months ago. This project started from a simple idea ­ to build the world’s first framework for social engineers. In these 14 months, this project has grown into the leading resource for all real social engineering education. The CTF that we held at Defcon 18 proved beyond doubt that this resource was greatly required.

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of the first, authoritative book on social engineering – “The Art of Human Hacking”.

The Art of Human Hacking

The book was written by Chris Hadnagy, our very own Operations (manager) and published by Wiley & Sons.

Recent reviews has described the book as “innovational, educational and the best social engineering book to date. The depths to which the author dives makes the book a valuable resource for anyone in the field as well as highly engaging and entertaining”.

Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking has already ranked #10 in the Hacking category of Amazon’s best-seller list and it just started shipping this week. For social engineers and anyone that interacts with other people, this is bound to become an essential resource.



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