Modern Warfare Students vs Trainers 0x2

Modern Warfare Students vs Trainers 0x2

Our first modern warfare tournament against our students was… humbling. Don’t get me wrong, we had our victories, but all in all we left the grounds wounded and limping. Between getting blown up by RPGs, massacred by drones or carpet bombed by B52’s we didn’t have it easy.

Unfortunately, this was all documented …and very soon, the screenshots and youtube videos arrived. The ones voted the best, somehow involved me getting blown up (as you can see below).

[youtube url=””]

At a first glance, there’s nothing really exciting in these videos. However, if you take some time to notice the characters involved… On the top video, you will see what seems to be a rocket propelled grenade making its way to my face. On the bottom video, you will see me heroically walking into a claymore. In both cases, the ones responsible for my virtual demise are forever appreciated by past, present and future offsec students.

[youtube url=””]

[pullquote4 align=”center”]Needless to say, the event was a blast…and we will will be holding our next event on Saturday, 11th of Febuary, 2:00 PM EST[/pullquote4]

We will announce the registration date in a future post. Keep tuned!



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