Offsec BlackHat / Defcon Scavenger Hunt

Offsec BlackHat / Defcon Scavenger Hunt

Are you in Vegas for BlackHat and Defcon ? Are you desperately looking for Offensive Security schwag ? We are giving out Metasploit books, BackTrack Challenge coins and large sized BackTrack Decals in this years BlackHat and Defcon conferences.
So, what exactly does one need to do to get these wonderful, sought after gifts ? It’s easy:

  • Find the Offsec team member that looks like Ozzy Ozbourne. Convince him to show you the “5 minute warning“.
  • Make muts an offer he can’t refuse… get him to give you one of his penguins.
  • Find Johnny Long. Sing the Ugandan National Anthem to him (in Swahili). Record it on video.
  • Collect 3 “Backtrack” or “Pain and Suffering” temporary tatoos. Apply them on your forehead.
  • Show us your Spanking, brand new BackTrack 5 R3 pre-release, installed on physical hardware (not Virtual!).
  • Take a picture of a group of 6 or more people wearing the Backtrack 2012 T-shirt.
  • Get the signatures of the “Metasploit – The Penetration Testers guide” authors on your forearm.
  • Find the Offsec gorilla. Take a picture of his special parts.
  • Find an Exploit-DB member with a serial number. Submit an unpublished exploit to them in person.
  • Find the Offsec Italian. Have him record you re-enacting a scene from the Godfather.
  • Find the master-less samurai. Arm wrestle him.

Make sure you get a “completion voucher” from each one of your targets. You can redeem your vouchers during Defcon at the HFC booth. You better hurry though…prizes are limited to one per task. Let the games begin!




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