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  • Social Engineering Contest – Defcon 2009

    Social Engineer your way to a free course! DC718 and Telephreak are bringing Social Engineering back to Defcon. Offensive Security has linked together with DC718, Telephreak, the contest/event Goons Pyr0 and Russr and to have the best of the best to judge and help …

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  • ITunes Reloaded – Getting the Shell

    There goes our Information Security This is part 2 of our previous post about the Itunes exploit for windows. …little did we know that all the payloads being sent have to be pure AlphaNumeric (printable ASCII). The first thing to do is find a Alphanum …

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  • Cracking the Perimeter – Online!

    Long overdue, our live course “Cracking the Perimiter” (CTP) is finally going online. Our ETA for the live course is the 3rd of June, 2009. We have an outstanding waiting list for CTP online, so it might take a while for registration to open to the …

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