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Offensive Security - Booting Kali Linux over HTTP

Booting Kali Linux Live Over HTTP

Kali Linux Features Here at Offensive Security, we tend to use Kali Linux in unconventional ways – often making use of some really amazing features that Kali Linux has to offer. One of these interesting use-cases includes booting instances of Kali Linux Live over HTTP, directly to RAM. We realized…

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Unattended installation with PXE

Kali Linux Unattended PXE Install

Our last blog post on the Kali Linux site discussed implementing some cool scenarios with Kali Linux, such as remote unattended installations, creating custom Kali Linux ISOS, and getting Kali working on funky ARM hardware. We received several emails from people asking for more information on how to implement these scenarios, so we thought we’d make a few blog posts with more detailed examples.

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