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  • Offsec Say

    Offsec Say – Try Harder!

    Offsec students go through hell. They endure levels of stress and frustration beyond what is considered normal, and we at Offsec appreciate this. So much in fact, that we’ve dedicated the following song to anyone who’s taken an Offsec course, and tried harder!

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  • QuickZip Stack BOF : A box of chocolates – part 2

    Today (as promised in part 1 of the QuickZip Stack BOF exploit write-up), I will explain how to build the exploit for the quickzip vulnerability using a pop pop ret pointer from an OS dll. At the end of part 1, I challenged you, the …

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  • Image121

    QuickZip Stack BOF 0day: a box of chocolates

    A few days ago, one of my friends (mr_me) pointed me to an application that appeared to be acting somewhat “buggy” while processing “specifically” crafted zip files.  After playing with the zip file structure for a while (thanks again, mr_me, for documenting the zip file …

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